A1 Innovations

A1 QUILTING MACHINE INNOVATIONS: Leading the Longarm Industry in Ergonomic Quilting Technology

Ergo-Lift Hydraulic Lifting System

A1 Quilting Machines is proud to be the innovator of the Ergo-Lift, our remote-controlled hydraulic lifting system.We take pride in providing quilters with features that make their quilting day easier.  Ergo-Lift raises and lowers the table to match your comfort level and anyone else who uses it!  You can even adjust the table height on the fly.  Go ahead, get comfortable!

Other companies have followed our lead with similar features, we remain the first.

Ergo-Grip - Ergonomically Adjustable Handles

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Longarm handles have long been a parody of this tale.  Too high, too low, too straight, not straight enough and so on… With Ergo Grip handles you can have it your way everyday.  A1 Quilting Machines offers you the only fully multi-positioning handles on the market.  You can even position one going upward and one going downward.  Your choice, your comfort!  Stippling is never a problem-just position your handles all the way downward toward the needle.  Amazing!  No more wrist, hand or shoulder strain!   Patented.

Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator 

Professional Grade Stitch Regulation, Revolutionary brushless DC Servo 1/2HP Stitch Regulation. Provides seamless stitching performance! With a 7" Touch Screen Display, our Elite Platinum is the first to give you Programmable Handle bar buttons. The Rear Handle bars are outfitted with the same programmable buttons as the front handle bars. (Adjustable, Ergonomic, with comfort grip handles)


Tracknology Wheel and Track System

Superior Smooth Wheels designed for those who demand the best wheel system.  We know wheel and track systems can be the difference between just another quilt and a Blue Ribbon quilt!  We use annodized aluminum, one piece tracking for both our rails and carriage allowing a smooth passing for precison quilting.  Our revolutionary wheel and track design keeps you running smoothly, allowing you to place your stitches exactly where you want them all the time, not just some of the time.  No wobbles ever!  By the way, there is NEVER a transfer of residue to your quilt with our system! 

CAUTION ****Smoothest on Earth****


Thread Lubricator

Running thread is our business!  If you can’t use the threads you like, you’ll go somewhere else.  Our nifty thread lubricator will let you run even the ‘fussy’ Metallics, Slivers & Rainbows.  Get out those embroidery threads too!  Go ahead, buy all the pretty threads, we can handle them.


We are always keeping our eye on tomorrow.  Did you know that all A1 Quilting Machine packages are factory ready to accept the computerized quilt system, Quilt Gallery?  If computerized quilting is where you want to be, just let us know.  We have specialty cross-trained dealers to help you.

Our Dealers

Although they may not be an innovation of ours, the service they give is!  We know this big sewing machine is a bit 'scary'! We've professionally trained our techinicians (dealers) who will install and service your A1 Quilting Machine.  When you buy an A1 Quilting Machine your dealer will arrive at your home and install your new longarm AND teach you how to do everything from machine care, threading to basic quilting.  Your dealer is your technician and will be there for you from the early days throughout your warranty.  Your success is our success.  Ask your dealer what you can expect.  We think you'll be very pleased. By the way, there is no extra charge for our dealer service.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018