Featured Quilter


Bethanne Nemesh is a classically trained artist who began using quilting as her art form once moving to the quilting-rich area of eastern Pennsylvania in 1997.  In 2008 Bethanne made the switch to using a longarm sewing machine and began a successful quilting business where she focuses on a mid custom quilting style that creates a balance between her client's budget and creative unique quilting for each quilt.  Bethanne's show quilts are known for their simple traditional piecing with rich pictorial quilting of elaborate natural scenery.  Her quilts have won major awards all over the country, including Best of Show at Machine Quilters Exhibition 2013, Machine Quilters Showcase 2015, and A Quilter's Gathering in 2013 and 2014 as well as winning Best Machine Quilting at AQS Paducah, Machine Quilters Exhibition 2014, and Quiltfest Savannah among many other awards.  Most recently, Bethanne was honored with the National Quilting Association Masterpiece Award in 2015 and inducted into the Master Quilt Guild for her show quilt, 'October Sky'.  Bethanne feels confident that her ability to quilt her elaborate quilts is tied closely to her A1 machine, it's smoothness, adjustability, and dependableness.   Bethanne travels to teach nationally and has written three quilting books.  A full list of her awards, teaching engagements, and books are available on her website, www.whitearborquilting.com

Wednesday, August 15, 2018