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Quilting Feet

Quilting Feet

A1 is pleased to introduce our new line of interchangeable Quilting Feet! We are open to suggestion of any new feet that could be beneficial to your Quilting experience! 

The set of five interchangeable feet includes Three Couching Feet, (Small, Medium, and Large sized holes for various sized Yarns and Fibers) the traditional Quilting foot, the Open Toe Quilting Foot, and the adapter post. There are Two additional feet avaliable: 


The Spoon Foot: Useful for Pantograph work, Computerized Quilting, the foot allows easy transition onto the Quilt from the edge of the layers. 


The Stipple/Applique Foot: This Foot is 1/4" in diameter, allowing you to get very close to your work. (Applique, Echo Quilting, Etc.) 


Set of Five interchangeable Quilting feet : $239.00 US Dollars 

Set of Seven interchangeable Quilting feet: $339.00 US Dollars 

One single foot of your choice: $69.95 + adapter $10.95  US Dollars 

*Excluding Spoon foot: $80.00 

Friday, December 14, 2018